Anthology release

URL Love: From Texting to Twitter, the Hottest Online Love Stories

My short story, THE TWEETEST THING, is available now in HarperCollins's women's fiction e-book anthology. Download it from Amazon and iBooks.


The long story behind my short story...

Back in March 2012, my boss treated me to my very first Duran Duran concert. Amazing live act. So inspired was I that I wrote a short story, The Tweetest Thing, about a woman who tweets and meets her idol.

Months later, I saw DD again in Saratoga, CA. The following morning, Simon Le Bon totally made my millennium when he retweeted my tweet to him the day after. (See evidence in the gallery below. Seriously, I’m not letting anyone forget this highlight of my cyber life. #tragicfan)

A week or so after that, HarperCollins accepted The Tweetest Thing for publication in anthology. That anthology was released within days of DD bassist John Taylor’s excellent memoir.



Life imitates art...